Support Services

We offer consultations and support for individual families, private organisations and local authorities.

  • Workshops/Training
  • Individual consultations
  • Classroom management
  • Support with work conflict/grievances
  • Work life balance strategies/stress management
Social Workers
  • Team Workshops/Training
  • Coping mechanisms/stress management/personal safety
  • Resolving individual client conflict
  • Support with work conflict/grievances
  • Individual Telephone Consultations/support
Foster Carers
  • Individual Telephone Consultations incl. out of hours
  • Group workshops/Training
  • Individual support training packages for foster carers in their home
  • Support with work conflict/allegations
  • Coping mechanisms for carers/stress management/personal safety
Nursery Workers
  • Evening workshops
  • Child Behaviour management incl attachment issues
  • Coping mechanisms/stress management/personal safety
  • Individual telephone consultations/support
  • Individual Telephone/Face to Face Consultations
  • Support with developing coping strategies for specific behaviour issues effecting their child – bullying/low confidence/negative behaviour patterns
  • Help with parent stress management