TLC Training

What we keep at the forefront of our training is an understanding that the best learning experiences occur in an environment where people feel safe, respected and cared for. Where detailed and expert presentations invite the individual to expand their thinking, try out new skills with sense of exploration and enjoyment.

Who do we serve?

• Social Workers
• Teachers
• Learning Support Assistants
• Residential Care Workers
• Play Workers
• Foster Carers
• Police Officers
• Youth Offending Teams
• Behavior Support Teams
• Voluntary Agencies
• Youth Workers
• Leisure / Support Staff
• Parents

Topics Covered on Our Courses

Communication Process
  • What is effective communication?
  • Developing greater Emotional Intelligence to help build rapport
  • How personal beliefs/values create barriers to communication
  • The significance of non-verbal communication
  • How subliminal information hinders positive interaction with others
Understanding Patterns of Behaviour
  • Understanding our preferred patterns of communication and how it can differ from colleagues, family, client groups
  • Recognise patterns of behaviour that lead to challenging behaviour
  • Why negative patterns of behaviour are difficult to change
  • The importance of repetition in helping children change negative patterns
  • Timeline for pattern/behavioural change
Challenging Behaviour
  • What is challenging behaviour?
  • Why does it occur?
  • Our basic need for ‘certainty’ and what part it plays in personal identity
  • What is the message received from challenging behaviour?
  • Why bullying occurs and how to help children/adults build resilience
  • Why you should always expect resistance to change
Toolkit Strategies
  • Learning to instantly change your internal communication to increase flexibility and control
  • How to implement powerful ‘pattern interrupts’ that help change negative patterns of behaviour
  • Discover why pre-framing and re-framing bring fast results
  • Understanding the power of metaphors
  • Essential resources that quickly build rapport

Communication is Key where change and positive outcomes are our ultimate goal

All our training courses are interactive and multi-sensory allowing the participant to gain a greater insight into their own personal communication style and how they can successfully use that knowledge to create positive interactions with others.

Your Training Needs

The majority of our work is creating bespoke courses which meet the specific needs of individual organisations. We also offer our own training packages on the following:

Communicating Effectively with Service Users

Understanding & Challenging Anti-Social Behaviour

Communication without conflict

Resilience & Stress Management

Toolkit to Empower Foster Carers

Caring for children with Attachment issues

Introduction to NLP & EQ and how we can use it in the workplace

Understanding & Resolving Behaviour issues with children in Nursery

Surviving to Thriving for Parents

Collaboration starts with a conversation so if you have a need or ideas for training/support services then please call us today to see how we can help.